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Be it an SME or large, an organization’s CX solution functions on three major building blocks: people, process and platform. We at VOIZ offer a white-glove service as a customized customer experience solution for companies of all size at any scale across industries.

An insight into how you get significant cost advantage engaging with VOIZ?

People: VOIZ’s CX talent pool comprises gig workers. Gig workers can be self-employed, freelancers, independent contributors and part-time workers. Shifting from a full-time model to a gig-based model, you gain a significant cost advantage by paying only for the performed work hours instead of a fixed salary to the customer experience agents. This flexible and lean staffing model offers significant scalability to CX delivery, particularly during unpredictable peak loads. Call volume volatility imposes serious cost escalation in fixed staffing model. We contain this situation by offering you a 100% scalable gig-based talent pool. On top of this, you can also outsource your CX to VOIZ’s cherry-picked contact centre. Hire a CX team directly if building a team gets time taking and tedious for you.

Process: With VOIZ, You get industry veterans to set up workflows, actionable plans and SLAs. The proven pros set up your CX process — which is a by-product of our CX strategy that we offer as a part of the customer experience white-glove service. 

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Platform: Leverage the power of a next-gen CX platform of VOIZ with cloud telephony and built-in ai to offer an omnichannel customer experience. Our core platform is built around customer-centric modules. With open integration to third-party APIs, you can add our customer experience platform to your marketing stack.

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Even though this customer experience solution comes in as an outsourced model, as a partner we have established transparent systems to ensure seamless operations and credible connectivity.

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