Hiring for: PNJ Professionals Network Joint Pvt. Ltd.

Hiring for Tele-sales Representative | 1yr to 3yr financial experience mandatory || Need to be a Commerce Graduate

Company name : PNJ Professionals Network Joint Pvt. Ltd.

Posted on: 2nd Aug 2022


1. To call on a daily basis to the calling list provided by the company to sell services of investment planning, tax planning and wealth management.
2. To be equipped and learn properly about the queries customers ask and requirements to ask from customers.
3. To arrange basic documents of the clients by taking follow up and reminders so that the lead be converted into sales.
4. Will be responsible for converting the lead to sales too and handle all logistics and documents and payment transactions with the clients.
5. Need a laptop with good internet bandwidth, a mobile with unlimited data to be used on its own, as the company does not provide any mobile or laptop in order to execute the task.
6. Have to report to the manager on a daily basis about the progress or put data of daily performance into the CRM tool.
7. Targets will be provided for daily calls , daily lead generation and conversion of sales on a monthly basis.
8. Should be proficient in both English and Hindi.
9. Female candidates residing around Delhi/NCR will be preferred as they can have offline training sessions in our Gurgaon office.
10. Candidates should have knowledge of accounts commerce maths economics and business management so commerce background candidates only can apply.
11. Candidates should have strong aptitude of accepting negative remarks as selling insurance needs a lot of toughness as clients sometimes give very vague responses.
12. Candidates should use all means of social media or digital media or other online marketing channels so as to ensure the maximum leads generated and converted to sales too.
13. Candidates should also explore databases and lists on the internet to find prospective clients.







English, Hindi

Pay Out

Remuneration : 20000/perMonth

Start date: 1st Aug 2022

End date: 12th Aug 2022

Duration: Ongoing months

Days of the week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Works Slots

Expertise Level

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