Hiring for: VOIZ

HC Pre Sales Executive

Company name : VOIZ

Posted on: 21st Jun 2021


What is the job?
Tele-call Hosachiguru's clients and bring them to join a Webinar and Schedule Site Visits

How much will you earn?
Fixed Pay -Rs. 15,000 for 9 hours
Variable Pay - Rs.3000 basis on performance

Flexible, choose your own work slot between 8am & 8pm
For 6 working days
Week Offs - Any one day between Tues- Thursday

Payment Terms:
Fixed Pay will be dependable on number of working days
Variable based on points earned for the below metrics:
No of calls per day - 100 calls + Minimum 100 minutes talktime - 1 point
No of webinars conducted per week - 8 - 1 point
No of site visits per week - 4 - 1 point
Days active per month - 26 days * 8 hrs per day - 1 point
Proper qualification of prospect and call delivery - 1 point
** 5 points = Rs. 3000



#Lead conversion




English, Hindi, Kannada

Pay Out

Remuneration : 20000/perMonth

Start date: 27th Jun 2021

End date: 27th Mar 2023

Duration: Ongoing months

Days of the week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Works Slots

Expertise Level


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