What is a one-time CX job?


A one-time job is more like a gig — project with an end date. Generally, one-time jobs are for a shorter period. A one-time job project can demand 8 hours of work or 4 hours of work, 5 days or 6 days a week. It varies between projects and depends on the client's requirement.

To give you an example, an ed-tech client looking to announce their new certification course to a certain number of their existing customers using outbound calling is a one-time CX job. The campaign runs for a set period — mostly till the CX agent closes the conversions.

What are the advantages of one-time CX jobs?

If you want to work remote, work on many projects, learn new processes, work on various channels, then one-time CX jobs would fit you well. If you are a fresher, or between jobs, or taking a break but would want to work for a few hours for a certain period, one-time CX jobs can help.

Please note VOIZ is a market place providing opportunities to CX agents looking for freelance work to engage with companies looking out for CX processes to outsource. Neither VOIZ nor any company/client associated with VOIZ's is an employer. The CX job is freelance work and not actual employment. The job/work you would engage on VOIZ is purely on contract terms between an agent and the client. After or during the project, you are free to apply or move to another project.