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Customer Experience has elevated from a delivery component to a core differentiator to CX driven companies. Particularly post-pandemic, ensuring business continuity in bringing optimal customer experience can get quite challenging. An actionable CX strategy actualises your business goals with the right mix of customer engagement channels integrated with support systems.

At VOIZ, a fully formulated strategy stems from CX transformation veterans. Your CX strategy starts off by evaluating the right fitment between the two operating models: to build the best suited CX team or to outsource the customer experience process by hiring a set CX team. Tap into thousands of customer experience professionals if building a CX team suits you. Leverage on the industry connections of CX masters to hire the right CX team if outsourcing proves to be the right model.

The key to the CX strategy lies with setting up the right ratio between bots and human interaction offering an omnichannel experience alongside. Automation can be of greater assistance particularly at some touchpoints where the manual intervention can be of higher costs and bots can easily replace and reduce human intervention maintaining the service quality levels.

Action all your CX plans based on customer information real-time. With an integrated CRM you get a 360-degree view on a customer across all touchpoints. Adding a ticketing system to the stack the CX gets robust by covering customer resolutions. Personalization improvises loyalty and helps retention.

The built-in core technology components from VOIZ like cloud telephony and the predictive dialer help reduce agent wait times offering a better customer experience while cutting costs.

Traditional to Digital, channel orchestration directly impacts the CX strategy. Bring a balance and connectivity across the channels like email, chat, SMS and voice-based on customer preferences to offer an optimal omnichannel customer experience.

A right CX strategy from VOIZ involves unifying these individual moving parts to make the entire system work towards one common goal — which is customer success.

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