Are you a CX expert?
Want to be an entrepreneur?


VOIZ will make your dream happen.

We help CX professionals with the expertise to handle CX projects — end to end. From understanding the client requirements, enabling the process, managing the team to delivering the KPIs.

The idea of starting your contact centre is progressive. The costs and risks associated with it can make or break your business — particularly the phase till you onboard your first client. Cost of sales & marketing, people and platform are primary cost parameters for operating a remote contact centre. We got this covered for you.

We bridge ambitious CX experts like you with our clients looking to outsource the CX process. At zero investment, showcase your skillset and bid for projects. After you win a project, use VOIZ's market place to hire the right CX agent pool for your project, deploy them in VOIZ's remote CX platform and manage your project with VOIZ's workforce management— all at one place.

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