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Privacy Matters

We at Fluidi5 not only follow this but also promote it as a core business value. This privacy policy is applicable when you use the products and services of Fluidi5 Pvt Ltd. This is also valid for any offline data provided by the user and collected by Fluidi5 if ever there is a need for the same. This policy also complies with the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It explains the processing of personal data about people in the European Union (EU). Feel free to also go through our terms and conditions available here which legally governs your usage of the products and services offered by Fluidi5. We may change this policy as and when required by sending prior notice to our users.

Personal information we collect

We collect relevant information from our users in order to provide our product offerings, services and support. The data that we collect may vary based on the specific services you are using. Data may be collected in favour of the user via channels not limited to our websites, mobile apps, telephone and email. Data thus collected may be aggregated together with the data of other users on the platform to improve our services. Users of our service are either clients, agencies or freelancers. Agencies can also provide us data about users who are part of the given agency.

Account Information: In order to enable you to use our services, we need to identify you as a specific individual holding an account with us. We collect username, store encrypted secure passwords and profile pictures.

Contact Information: We also collect information like your email address, phone number and billing address to contact you should the need arise.

Demographic Information: Information related to your timezone, address and location may be collected to offer content and services relevant to you.

Payment Information: To enable payment services on the platform, we collect financial information related to your credit or debit card, bank account or billing address. We don’t store pin numbers, passwords and any sensitive information that may concern you.

Identity Information: We may collect authorised identity information such as your date of birth, government ID card and pan card to identify you as required by law to complete tax filings. We may require an image proof for verification purposes.

User Generated Content: We store content data added to the platform by our users.

General Audience Service Announcement: People over the age of 18 years are eligible for using our products and services. We do not store personal information of children or people below the age of 18 years on purpose. If we come across any such instance, we take cognisance and apply enough commercial efforts to delete such information from our records. If you are a legal guardian or parent of a person below 18 years of age and you believe that Fluidi5 has accidentally collected data from your child, please reach out to us at

Information Collected Automatically

We collect technical information when you use our products and services just like any other online company. This is primarily used to analyse usage, improve site performance, save your login sessions, improve marketing and serve you tailored content relevant to you including advertisements.

We automatically collect analytics data and device identifiers like IP address when you use our services. Certain parts of data, especially analytics and usage data, may also be collected from our third party providers that enable the smooth functioning of our applications.

Cookies: As described in our Cookie Policy, we and our third party providers make use of cookies to store information locally on your device to enable some application features like ‘Remember me’. Cookies are also used for enhancing application performance and for marketing and analytics purposes.

Web Beacons: For marketing purposes, web beacons, or tracking tags, may be deployed by us or our third party providers. This helps us understand how you navigate our website, what services are relevant to you and also serve you relevant advertisements. It also helps us understand if you read the emails we had sent or the blog posts on our website. Web beacons are basically small invisible graphics used to track user activity on the web.

Embedded Scripts: These are pieces of code installed on your device temporarily when you use our services by us and our third party providers. These will be automatically removed the moment you exit the application. They help us in analytics such as number of clicks on an article or a feature and so on.

Additionally, we may collect information required to enhance security and mitigate fraudulent misuse of our services.

How we use information

The information collected and processed is primarily put to use to offer you the best services in the ways we describe below.

  • To provide the requested service or product
  • To process your account registration
  • To facilitate payments
  • To verify information provided by you for compliance purposes
  • To provide support, technical or otherwise, and answer your queries
  • To facilitate communication (optional) via email or phone.
  • To show tailored content on our platform and on other places on the web such as social media sites.
  • To comply with our terms and conditions for user contract

We use data in a way that we honour our contractual commitments to you. We have sensitive information encrypted to prevent misuse of data by any party or person(s). We have the most stringent data safety practices within our internal team. Most of the data we collect is to simply improve our offerings and enable certain key features for the services you requested and for the seamless integration of our third party providers. Information is used for our legitimate interests and commercial activities that do not in any way interfere with the fundamental rights and freedom of any individual or group.

Data Sharing

We do not share data with anyone outside our company and our verified third party providers. We can share data to legal institutions for investigative purposes on legal grounds as determined by the law. If we are, in future, a part of a merger or an acquisition, we will be legally bound to share data to comply with and honour our parent partner. For data that we share with our marketing providers, we ask for your permission to ‘opt in’ or ‘opt out’ for such requests. Our verified third party providers include:

  • Security Providers
  • Infrastructure Service Providers (hosting, storage and network)
  • Payment and Banking Providers
  • Marketing Providers
  • Email and SMS Providers
  • Analytics providers

Data Retention

We retain the information you provided for identity verification for upto 30 days. Other information that you’ve provided stays with us for at least five years. Your information might persist longer in the backups we create for our database. This is unless you have requested to remove certain data by exercising your rights. We encourage you to update your information regularly so that we have accurate and updated information about you.

Accessing Data

You can access, download and modify almost all of your data from your account settings in our application. You have the right to request all the data that you have provided to us. Barring exceptional scenarios, we encourage and allow you to access your data that we hold within a reasonable time period and without any unreasonable costs to you.

Your Legal Rights

You have a lot of other rights that you can exercise if needed in relation to your data we hold. However, there may be restrictions on the way you exercise them owing to the nature of products and services we offer. All of your data is protected under the below rights:

  • Right to seek human review of the automated data collection and profiling
  • Right to seek to erase data related to you*
  • Right to opt-out of marketing communications and profiling
  • Right to temporarily restricting data processing.
  • Right to deactivate/close your account with us and delete all data.*

*If you wish to erase data, close your account and thereby end the user contract you have with us, we may still hold data that belongs to you. This is to facilitate our records of your previous transactions with us for future references. All user generated content by you will also not be deleted because the data is in the public domain of our platform. We will however make your personal data anonymous and remove data that doesn’t link to the use cases described above.

Contact Privacy Officer

If you have any concerns or requests that you want to address to our privacy officer, or, if you want to exercise your privacy rights in relation to the data we hold at Fluidi5, please reach out to our Privacy officer via:

Phone: +918048150400
Fluidi5 Technologies Private Limited.
L376 / A, 14th B Cross Rd, Sector 6
HSR Layout, Bengaluru, India - 560102

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