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SAAS Process

Our SAAS customer experience solution helps companies to shift to an Opex CX model. with the transition of physical contact centres to a remote infrastructure enabling seamless business continuity and higher operational efficiency.

The core components of the CX Model:

1. Agent Lifecycle Management

Agent Lifecycle Management consists of hiring, training and production modules. Hiring module is built to help companies like you to find the right customer experience talent for the processes. Leverage on the power of LMS in your training programs post-hiring. Communication tools like chat and call integrated within the system helps customer experience teams to collaborate. Or you can opt to hire a CX team directly similar to the outsourcing CX model and operate on the VOIZ platform.


Dashboards display dispositions for conducting quality audits and monitoring the delivery performance.

Work Scheduler

Manage and meet your peak load volatility using VOIZ’s work scheduler. Work scheduler comes with 4-hour time slots to help you optimise the unpredictability with on-demand ramp up and ramp down.

2. Customer Engagement


Standard industry-specific workflows and customizable workflow builders help the companies to quickly start off the customer experience process. Templates of tried and tested call scripts facilitate a simple plug 'n play model.

Mobile App

Reduces the hardware and infra dependability for the talent; offers a quick and easy jump start from signup to CX delivery.


Be it customer acquisition or retention, whatever the objective of the customer experience process is, the intelligent dialer boosts productivity by efficiently routing and saving significant time at the delivery level.

3. Global Collaboration

Monitor all your key metrics and data in a single dashboard. Strengthen the supervisors’ ability to see and send agents’ feedback in real-time. Get deeper insights to improvise the staffing decisions and maximise the performance of the team.


Get automated alerts on problematical positions, and proactively correct the course of the project.


The powerful reporting tool helps your data-driven approach to make better business decisions.

4. AI

Our AI algorithm invariably resolves engagement by an intelligent skill-based routing mechanism between automation and manual intervention. Automation resolves mechanized and self-served resolutions to provide more human handling time for critical cases.

With these core components joined up, we formulate an efficient CX strategy that is aligned to your CX goals. Get your customised CX model powered on VOIZ to build actionable processes that deliver your customer experience solution at its best. Using efficient third party integrations like CRM, your CX delivery is equipped to exceed your customer expectations along with a significant reduction in costs.

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