Hiring for: Coeus Age

Audience Management Executive

Company name : Coeus Age

Posted on: 11th Mar 2023


The Audience Management Executive will be responsible for -
1. Curating databases of CIOs/ CTOs/ CDOs/ CISOs/ Other CXOs’. Basic database available shall be provided.
2. Creating a purpose specific outreach to hire the above for a discussion on a topic, virtually for 30 to 45 minutes’, mostly on Zoom
3. Nurturing the relationship for future engagements
4. Total number of people to acquire – Approach 12 to 15 per month
5. The focus will be on quality calls and follow ups and not quantity of calls
6. Base pay will require database curation, process management and 8 acquisitions for discussions. Beyond 8, each acquisition will be rewarded with performance incentive
7. More than adequate training and guidance will be provided
8. Skills required – High English-speaking competence, working with excel, experience on LinkedIn to curate database

*CIO- Chief Information Officer/ CTO- Chief Technology Officer/ CDO – Chief Digital Officer/ CISO – Chief Information Security Officer/ CXO- Other C Roles in enterprises like Maruti, Apollo, IOCL, BPCL, HUL, ITC, Tatas etc.







Pay Out

Remuneration : 20000/perMonth

Start date: 31st Mar 2023

End date: 30th May 2023

Duration: Ongoing months

Days of the week

Works Slots

Expertise Level

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