Hiring for: Typetheta

Hiring for Telemarketing Specialist || UK shift

Company name : Typetheta

Posted on: 15th Apr 2023


Roles and responsibilities:

Contact businesses and private individuals by telephone to promote products, services and/or charitable causes

Solicit orders for goods and services over the telephone

Explain the product or service to potential customers Deliver a scripted sales pitch to the customer

Adjust scripted sales pitch to meet the needs of specific individuals Provide pricing details

Handle customer questions Obtain customer information including names and addresses

Record customer details including reaction to the product or service offered

Receive orders over the telephone Input order details into the computer system

Record customer details and details of transactions

Confirm orders placed with field sales representatives

Obtain contact details of potential customers from sources including telephone directories and purchased lists

Schedule appointments for sales staff to meet prospective customers

Conduct customer and marketing surveys

Answer telephone calls from potential customers who are responding to advertisements

Contact customers to follow up on initial interaction


Sales (B2B + B2C Niche)





Pay Out

Remuneration : NA

Start date: 15th Apr 2023

End date: 22nd Jun 2024

Duration: Ongoing months

Days of the week

Works Slots

Expertise Level

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