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Become a Mahindra Home Loan Agent & Earn up to ₹50,000 per month.

Company name : VOIZ

Posted on: 3rd Oct 2023


Sell home loans in your social circle and become independent!

How to become a Mahindra Home Loan Agent?

  • Sign up on this job
  • Take up the home loan sales training
  • Get certified
  • Start selling home loans to your network

What will be the exact work of a Mahindra Home Loan Agent?

We need dynamic candidates who can approach people in their social circle and explain to them about Mahindra Home Loans. If they are interested, you will collect their details and submit documents for housing loans.

On successful disbursal of the loan, you (Home Loan Agent) will earn a commission of 0.25% of the disbursal amount. You can track the entire application status in our app.

As a Mahindra Home Loan Agent, how much can I earn per month?

Example: You will refer one customer who needs a home loan of ₹20 Lakh. This customer gets the ₹20 Lakh home loan after due diligence & You will earn 0.25% commission of Rs. ₹20 Lakh = ₹5,000.


  • If you refer 5 customers per month, you can earn ₹25,000
  • If you refer 10 customers per month, you can earn ₹50,000
  • If you refer 20 customers per month, you can earn ₹1,00,000

How do I get so many customers every month?

Make a list of people who you think will need a home loan & approach them

  • Relatives
  • Friends
  • Friends of friends
  • Colleagues
  • Neighbours

Once you finish the above list, you can approach more people:

  • The grocery store owner from where you buy groceries every day
  • Shops owners which you visit regularly
  • Small businesses in your area

Will I get any fixed payment for becoming a Mahindra Home Loan Agent?

No, there will be no fixed payment. All payments are for conversions only, we call these as 'commissions'. You will earn a commission when you refer customers who take up Mahindra Home Loan.

More details:

Location: Serviceable areas only

Work timings: Any time of the day whenever you have free time

Experience: If you have sold loans or insurance in the past, it will be a bonus for you

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Remuneration : NA

Start date: 5th Oct 2023

End date: 14th Apr 2024

Duration: Ongoing months

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