Hiring for: SmartCoin Private Limited

Hiring Telesales Executive for Personal Loan

Company name : SmartCoin Private Limited

Posted on: 25th Oct 2023


"Hiring Telesales Executive for Personal Loan-

Education qualification - Graduate and above

Relevant years of experience of 1-2 years in similar domain

Very clear communication.

Experienced in the investigation of quick resolution and escalation.


Be flexible and supportive of the team.

Experience of working in a fast pace, customer service environment.

Analytical with an understanding/ passion for data-driven decisions.

Ability to work independently in a rapidly changing environment."

Processes involved: 

1. Looking to take loans but App not downloaded - Call the user and guide them to download the app and apply for the loan

2. Loan approved but not applied - Guide the customer to apply for the loan

3. Applied loan but did not upload KYC - Guide the customer to upload KYC"


Sales (B2B + B2C Niche)





Pay Out

Remuneration : NA

Start date: 25th Oct 2023

End date: 22nd May 2024

Duration: Ongoing months

Days of the week

Works Slots

Expertise Level

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