Hiring for: Tata Tele Business Services

Hiring for a Data Enrichment Executive for TTBS

Company name : Tata Tele Business Services

Posted on: 7th Nov 2023


We are actively seeking a dedicated and enthusiastic person to join our growing data enrichment team. The Data Enrichment Executive will be responsible for the lead generation program and shall nurture the leads by researching all data associated to the leads, to work on data extraction, and verification of the authenticity of the data so enriched. This position will utilize an integrated strategy that may include, but not limited to outbound telemarketing, working segment target IT/ITES/hotel/Manufacturing, etc. base and management group lead lists, networking and grassroots marketing. This position will play a crucial role in creating, implementing and reinforcing best practices and procedures to make lead generation discipline successful. Additionally, this role will include making calls to the leads so generated, log call and information into the CRM and fetch any additional data required for the lead enrichment process over calls from the leads already generated.


1. Researching companies, finding POC of various departments and their contact information.

2. Fetching LinkedIn URL of the POC of the companies.

3. Verifying the captured details by tele-calling.

4. Collecting and fetching any and all information over the call from the POC regarding available POC from various departments.

5. Recording feedback of all calls on a real time basis in the CRM.


01. Minimum 1 year experience in Data Enrichment/Data extraction

02. Typing speed should be good (will be checked for the typing)

03. Should have knowledge of Data Extraction tools and Data Acquisition

04. Analytical with an understanding/ passion for data-driven decisions.

05. Proficiency in Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

06. Proficiency in Google Sheets, Analytical and Organisational Skills.

07. Good research skills

08. Excellent communication skills

09. Be flexible and supportive of the team.

10. Experience of working in a fast pace environment

11. Ability to work independently in a rapidly changing environment







Pay Out

Remuneration : NA

Start date: 7th Nov 2023

End date: 22nd May 2024

Duration: Ongoing months

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