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Company name : decodeMR

Posted on: 9th Jan 2024


The objective is to support the recruitment efforts for a healthcare market research process

  • As it is healthcare research, you will be approaching contacts who are primarily doctors (from various specialties), allied healthcare professionals like nurses, lab professionals, pharmacists, etc
  • You are required to promptly communicate with the assigned contacts over call/email/message and invite them to a market research study
  • While inviting you detail them about the study objective, duration of discussion, honorarium offered, and other relevant details that would be needed for contacts to decide to participate
  • You will be required to explain the research requirements to these contacts and encourage them to participate in our research studies
  • You will be required to note down important details of each conversation in our CRM tool. This will help in further follow-ups and also to obtain your daily call status
  • Following up with the contacts to ensure their participation
  • As required by the scope of the research, you will be required to connect with both national and international contacts. Language medium - English
  • Required skills:
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Cool temperament with effective interpersonal and negotiation skills 
  • Good time-management skills
  • Analytical bent of mind
  • Having a Life sciences background or understanding of the healthcare segment would be an added advantage
  • A rare commodity that goes by the name of common sense







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Remuneration : NA

Start date: 9th Jan 2024

End date: 14th Apr 2024

Duration: Ongoing months

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