Hiring for: DQ Labs Pvt Ltd

Hiring for a part time Tele Sales Executive || Mandatory 1 NorthIndian Language || Preferred from Edutech sales background.

Company name : DQ Labs Pvt Ltd

Posted on: 24th Aug 2022


Job Responsibilities:
• Encourage dormant subscribers to check out the paid content or the online courses on DQ Edge.
• Encourage those who only look at the free content to buy content online or take our paid courses.
• Encourage those who have bought content to subscribe for the paid courses.
• Encourage those who have taken paid courses to upgrade or buy other content.
• Maintain database: Keep records of persons contacted,details of the responses details of next action,date of follow-up, response,next action etc.
• Escalate to DQ Labs any contact that Is about to be closed and needs more encouragement.
• The contestants would have to be gauged for their interest to pursue further training in creative skllls.
• Depending on their interest and their age, we would have to get them to subscribe for our Design/sketching classes or our entrance exam coaching.


Sales (B2B + B2C Niche)





Pay Out

Remuneration : 12000/perMonth

Start date: 21st Aug 2022

End date: 22nd May 2024

Duration: Ongoing months

Days of the week

Works Slots

Expertise Level

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