Mega minds leading the front

Vineet Patil

Founder and CEO

Vineet has previously cofounded and exited igaming websites in the UK and is also the Cofounder of LaundroKart, one of India's biggest laundry chains. Arrival of the pandemic changed the courses and Vineet is now building VOIZ

Sandeep Nyamati

Co-Founder and Chief of Technology

Sandeep has cofounded two companies in the past. One was an IT services co and the latest one is Livepinch, a customer engagement platform. Sandeep comes with 14 years in tech and is currently the primary technology architect of VOIZ

Ashwin Kamath

Chief of Business

Ashwin comes with 15 years experience in the automobile space, having managed dealerships for leading two wheeler manufacturers. With an Engineering degree in Information Science, he always wanted to be a part of a tech team. VOIZ presented the right opportunity to dive head first into the startup world

Vijay Iyer

Chief of Sales & Marketing

Vijay joined VOIZ after a 2-decades stint in Hospitality Sales. His relationship management style of selling well compliments the core ideology of VOIZ - enabling Enterprises & Businesses find the right fit from the vast pool of deserving candidates in our Gig pool.

Venkatakrishnan Ganesh

Head of Engineering

Venkat builds the platform VOIZ is known for - an engineer by education, soul & attitude, Venkat brings in his expertise to VOIZ, delivering robust solutions to agents & clients alike

Annadaneshwar Ambli

Chief of Operations

Andy, as he is fondly called, dived straight into the start-up world since his higher studies in UK. A cloud computing wizard, Andy has dabbled with almost everything at VOIZ - from business development to running 3 different verticals on the OPS side. Currently he is the backbone of the Managed Services side of VOIZ business